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My Haircut

Posted on the 17 March 2011 by Elizabethwix

I was really pretty fuzzy.
My Haircut
This is me looking as if I need a haircut.
My Haircut
This is me after my haircut.Adam said I looked as if I had had a 'bob'.....My Haircut
That is a haircut like Buster Brown. Oh well! I cannot think why my haircut took four hours.
My Haircut
This is Sid who has never had his hair cut in his life.He was at the park this morning.
My Haircut
In this picture there is me and the ghost of me. I am holding the ball Nancy gave me at the park.
My Haircut
This is Mattie who just got adopted in London. He is part corgi and part sheltie.Claudia says he looks as if he could be naughty.
That is all for now.

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