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My Heroes: Scott Pilgrim (or Whatever)

Posted on the 21 June 2013 by Limette @Limette9
My Heroes: Scott Pilgrim (or whatever)
I met Scott about a year ago, when I was on my summer holidays in Denmark. It was a hot summer night and stuff, at least for me - he was chilling up in Toronto. Chilling as in "it was cold". My initial plan of the night certainly didn't include Scott, but then again I didn't know him before that night - how could I have known that he would win me over in a second? My telly-companion that night wasn't as enchanted by Scott, however. Every other minute a sigh or differently disapproving sound escaped from her lips until she finally left me alone. Alone with Scott.
My Heroes: Scott Pilgrim (or whatever)I've got to admit, it took me a while warming up to him and his friends. It seemed as though the only reason they were there was to make money and stuff. And maybe that was their initial intention, but hey, we all have baggage. At any rate, I soon became the biggest fan of their awesome band Sex-Bob-Omb. I realized that the reason they were there was a higher one; a humble and generous one. They were there to make us think about death and get sad and stuff. And man, how they did. Badass Kim, anxious Stephen and all of Scott's other awesome friends... Adorable Young Neil, sexy Wallace - even Knives. But in the end, it was still all about Scott.
My Heroes: Scott Pilgrim (or whatever)
You're surely wondering "What the hell is so special about this Scott Pilgrim"? There isn't one answer to this question but many. Scott Pilgrim is the epitome of the everyday hero, finding a meaning in life and himself after facing his fears and overcoming them. Everyone can probably relate to Scott - he says the wrong things at the wrong times, he's clumsy and he often gets caught up in dreams that make him forget the time and the place. But there's one thing that sets him apart from us, or the way we perceive ourselves; everything he does is - in some way or another - absolutely awesome. We see that objectively, the things he says and does are wrong - but in his very own world, they're awesome. His clumsiness becomes a lovely trademark that make us like him even more, his "miserable" and "stupid" one-liners are iconic.
My Heroes: Scott Pilgrim (or whatever)
Scott Pilgrim makes us want to find that awesomeness in ourselves. He makes us realize that we don't need to change our lifestyle or cut our hair if we don't want to, because we're great as we are. Scott Pilgrim makes us realize there's a superhero in all of us.

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