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My Travel Bucket List

Posted on the 04 October 2019 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
My Travel Bucket List
*Collaborative post
As somebody who was bitten by the travel bug later in life, there are so many places I'd love to visit in the world that I've yet to visit.
My first trip abroad was at the age of 21 when I went all the way to Venezuela for a family members wedding. Next I visited the USA to spend some time with a friend, and then my destinations got closer and closer to home as I became more and more nervous about flying....Spain, Amsterdam, until eventually I stopped going abroad altogether.
It wasn't until 2016 when I finally took a course and conquered my fear that I was able to start enjoying foreign travel again.
For the past few years and also for the foreseeable future my focus has been firmly on family-friendly holiday spots - Disney World being top of the list with a focus on holidays that provide plenty of entertainment for little ones without being too far away from home, as traveling with toddlers can be tricky. And we've had some fantastic trips that all of us have enjoyed immensely.
But lately I've been thinking about the sights I'd like to see once the children are grown up, or perhaps  one I could squeeze in on a weekend escape with my other half.
I'll be turning 40 in just two years time, and I'd love to concentrate on ticking some of these destinations off my bucket list over the course of the next decade. Here are the spots I'm most interested in seeing.
My Travel Bucket List
1) The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are hands-down at the top of my "Must See" list and lately I've been browsing some incredible glass-ceiling igloos which look like the perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway.
Of course, it's important to get the timing just right when planning a trip to see the Northern Lights in order to give yourself the best possible chance at seeing this stunning display of nature's mysterious beauty in all it's glory.
The Northern Lights are the result of geomagnetic activity which solar physicists say increases around the time of the equinoxes, making Autumn auroras in Lapland more likely - and therefore making this the perfect time to plan a trip!
My Travel Bucket List
2) Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree
As a huge fan of all things Christmas, it's been one of my biggest ambitions in life to get to New York City during the holiday season and see the stunning Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree for myself.
The idea of ice skating in central park, doing a spot of Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue, and stopping off for a famous frrrrozen hot chocolate at Serendipity really adds to my excitement for this one too - I'm hoping to make this trip the first one I tick off my bucket list when my 40th birthday rolls around!
My Travel Bucket List
3) Hawaii
Although I'm not usually the biggest fan of beach holidays and warm weather vacations, there's something about Hawaii that has always really appealed to me.
The beautiful contrast of long white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters against lush greenery and majestic mountains makes Hawaii stand out.
The reputation of the friendly and welcoming nature of its people, the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises and the stunning waterfalls are all more reasons to make this bucket list destination one to focus on bringing in to reality sooner rather than later.
My Travel Bucket List
4) The Hollywood Sign
This final bucket list destination on my list is one that's been there ever since my childhood. Although it may be "Just a sign" no longer even illuminated...it symbolises so much more to so many - glamour, ambition, success, the dream of fame. 
Although I'm well aware that the Hollywood sign itself isn't directly accessible and is often considered to be a little underwhelming by many, it's somewhere that I just want to see for myself in person during my lifetime.
In Fact there are many places in the state of California that I'd love to visit - Orange County, Muscle Beach, San Diego, Disneyland, LA and Alcatraz to name a few - and so I think a Californian road trip would be the ideal way to do it.
So there we have it, my four Must See Destinations which I fully intend to visit over the course of the next decade - now just to sort out a savings plan! Wish me luck!
What would be your four top bucket list destinations? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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