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My Ultimate Christmas Movies

Posted on the 23 December 2013 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
The week before Christmas, I always try to watch a Christmas movie every evening to get me into the Christmas spirit!
I haven't quite managed it this year as its a little more difficult to fit in movie time with a baby, since by the time my usual evening movie time rolls around I end up falling asleep on the sofa...but I've managed to fit a couple in and even seen some new, ultra cheesy ones on the Christmas Movie channel!
As much as I adore pretty much any Christmas-Related movie, I do have my firm favourites...
Here is my top 5 and my pick for the Ultimate Christmas Movie!
1. ELFMy Ultimate Christmas Movies This movie always cracks me up, no matter how many times I see it - you can't help but share in Buddy's excitement at all things Christmas related - and the end scene where they all sing to spread Christmas Cheer always makes me tear up!2. The Polar ExpressMy Ultimate Christmas MoviesI only got around to finally watching this last Christmas, for some reason I always thought it looked boring...but I'm so glad I watched it as its become one of my favourites. It has SUCH a magical, Christmas feel about it and the animation is so impressive.
3. The Santa ClauseMy Ultimate Christmas MoviesPerhaps its a little cheesy but it still makes me chuckle, and - overlooking the fact that Santa dies in the opening 10 minutes! - what's not to love about watching Tim Allen become Santa Claus?!!!4. Christmas With The KranksMy Ultimate Christmas MoviesNot such a well known one perhaps and yes I seem to have a thing for Tim Allen movies at Christmas, but I just love the idea behind this movie - all the actors are great, it really makes me chuckle and I just love the magical element with the little old neighbourhood hobo.
5. Miracle On 34th StreetMy Ultimate Christmas MoviesI LOVE this kitschy-cute movie which puts the existence of Santa Claus on trial...but it has to be the 90s remake rather than the original for me, I just love Richard Attenborough as Santa.
Other movies I enjoy that didn't quite make my Top 5 are:
Home Alone 1 & 2, Deck The Halls, Surviving Christmas, Naughty or Nice, Scrooged, Mixed Nuts, and Sleepless In Seattle, Fred Claus....
But my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Christmas Movie....
The one I watch EVERY Christmas Eve without fail is....
Santa Claus: The Movie
My Ultimate Christmas Movies

Yes it seems VERY dated and cheesy now but I just don't care.Perhaps its because this was one of the first Christmas movies I saw as a child so it reminds me of really believing in Santa....but everytime I see it, it helps me to feel the magic of Christmas.I think the Santa in this movie is by far the most realistic movie Santa there has ever been, I love the elves workshop - everything looks so authentic, exactly how I imagine the REAL North Pole would be!
My Ultimate Christmas Movies
I'll be spending my Christmas Eve snuggled up with popcorn and Baileys watching Santa Claus: The Movie for the umpteenth time!!!
What are your favorite Christmas Movies?!
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