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MySpace: The 2nd Coming

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Terrellmack @terrellmack

The birthplace of the mirror selfies and the “duck-face” is back and it looks promising. The first hugely successful social media site relaunches nearly 10 years after it first took the world by storm. The NEW MySpace is branding itself not just as “A Place for Friends” but as a place for to discover new artists and music. The repurposed networking site is sporting a new sleeker/hipper look.  The revamped network takes a page from Microsoft with a side scrolling feature and a more minimalist feel. It’s “streamline” is the MySpace version of the Facebook “timeline”, again it is side scrolling which I really like and find more attractive than the that of Facebook’s timeline. My take on the overall feel is something like pinterest meets tumblr meets instagram.  MySpace is including it’s social media descendants in on the action by giving users the options to sign in via Facebook or Twitter or sign up with a username or email. Justin Timberlake has really proved himself with this one! As part owner and the face of the company he bought into the waning network just as Facebook hit it’s stride as a networking powerhouse. Timberlake has wisely branded MySpace as a music driven media site where you can get music news, see videos, stumble across your new favorite band or artist,and check up on friends. My only complaint is that our old friend Tom is still on MySpace and has NOT changed his profile picture. According to business insider the new Myspace has spent $20M (that’s a lot of bread) on their ad campaign. Here’s hoping that Myspace sees a huge return on their investment.

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