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Posted on the 05 August 2012 by Unforgettable

There are many ways of looking at the world around us. We all have different perspectives, according to our individual needs, habits, education, culture, social background, temperament, talents, and so on. Essentially, however, as human beings, we are all put together in the same way. At the bodily level, we share the same senses, and so presumably we all perceive things in a similar manner. What gives us a different take on things is our individual minds. Such is human life, and it need not be a problem. Difficulties only arise when we take our perspective to be real, and the perspective of others to be somewhat less than real. But is any of it real anyway, even our one perspective? Does the world itself have any reality?
In modern - as in ancient - times, one of the prevailing world views is that universe consists of nothing more than material substance, of no more that what we can perceive with our five senses. Good old solid matter. Or is it ? Until around one hundred years ago, the idea of the indestructibility of matter held firm. But the advent of physicists like Ernest Rutherford, Neil Bohr and many other brought laboratory proof that far from being solid, matter is mostly compromised of empty space. Further research has led to the realization that the only reason we don't fall through the floor under the influence of gravity is due to electromagnetic forces between and within atoms.
Encouraged by these discoveries, enthusiastic scientists have subjected atoms and sub atomic particles to increasingly higher energies, breaking them into ever smaller fragments, with the net result that after one-hundred years of study, they have realized that so-called matter is nothing more than a dance of tiny particles. And if youapply enough energy, you can generally break these particles into even smaller ones. Someone called it the particle 'zoo'
The question is, from a mystical as well as a scientific perspective, what are these particles made of? And more than that, what keeps them endlessly zooming about? To cut a long story short, the scientists' conclusion is that these particles are not little solid blobs of something at all. They are nothing more than vortices or tiny pumps of energy spinning or pumping energy out of pure space. They have Properties such as mass and electric charge, which give us the illusion of something substantial. But actually, they are just patterns or points of energy in space. So the question then becomes, what is space? And the answer seems to be that far from being empty, space itself is pure energy in potential, ready to be whipped up into the particles and atoms that go on to give us the illusion of good old solid matter. Space, by the way, is an aspect of the fifth element-ether, or akash, in Indian terminology.
The physical universe is thus no more than a dance of energy spun out of the space that defines it. It is all a magic show. Mystics have called the world an illusion, maya in Indian terminology, and it seems that the scientists have verified this at a deeply fundamental level. What they have as yet been unable to determine is the source of the energy that keeps it going; for an integral aspect of this energy dance is its motion, which never seems to diminish or stop. Mystics on the other hand, have no difficulty in identifying the source of energy. The divine source, they say, has created everything by means of a creative power. They have called it sound, word, voice, music and a multitude of other names. It is a dynamic vibration that '' rolls and flows through all things''; it is the power of God in creative action. It is also consciousness and intelligence in action - a consciousness and intelligence that is divine.
But for most of us, this remains Just a description that appeals to us, a perspective we can relate to. The only way to know for sure what's going on is to forget all the theories and to sit down in meditation; allow our consciousness to expand and be taken up by the master, so that we can see for ourselves how the whole show is put together. Then we will see how matter is an expression of consciousness, and how consciousness is the essence of the divine. Out with the theory and in with personal experience.
So it's back to our pads, guys!
Source: Spiritual Link

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