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National Geographic in My Backyard

Posted on the 07 July 2010 by Floridagirlinsydney
Getting a puppy is like having a baby, everyone's got an opinion and much of that advice giving tends to be regarding what you feed them-- the big debate being kibble vs. raw food.  And apparently if you don't agree (with whichever side), really really bad things will happen-- and it will all be your fault!   The only problem is, I'm trying to control myself from turning into one of the extremists.
We've gone the raw/natural route, and now at 19 weeks old Ruby eats some of the most disgusting things I never imagined feeding a dog.  Here's the gruesome list (all of these meat items are fed raw)... chicken frames, chicken necks, chicken wings, lamb necks (the butcher cuts these in half and they are still as big as a shoe box, it's insane), ground beef (that's Amerispeak for Australian "mince"), and organ meat-- omigod, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  She eats these items in their entirety bones and all, it's shocking.  
She also enjoys her veggies, I've been giving her carrots and green beans to munch on, and she loved rocket (which is Aussie for "arugula")-- I love rocket too.  And for a tasty mid-day treat, she loves yogurt, cheese, and dried banana chips.
Because I'm all about capturing the moment, here is a sample of the daily National Geographic documentary in my backyard.   I must admit, similarly to watching the laundry go round and round in a front loader, this is addictive-- I can't stop staring in disbelief while she's going at it:
National Geographic in my Backyard
Ruby eating a "chicken back"-- I think that's the same as a  chicken frame, nasty nonetheless.
National Geographic in my Backyard
This is the freakishly large raven (the photo doesn't do justice, it actually makes airplane noises as it flies over the house) who waits in the tree for Ruby to step away from her meat so she can swoop down and steal it.  She doesn't wait quietly either, she makes all kinds of loud intimidating bird noises.
National Geographic in my Backyard
This has nothing to do with my dog eating like a caveman, this was Ruby's first time in the baby pool, she went completely bonkers and tried to dig a hole to China in there.
And during these last couple months, one of my boys in particular-- the younger one (he's five years old) has really taken charge with the dog.  To go all Cesar Millan on you, he's her pack leader.  Watch him in action, it's too freaking cute... of course I'm not objective at all.

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