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National Grammar Day

Posted on the 03 March 2013 by Beersting @beersting
National Grammar Day

source: Quick and Dirty tips

Language is something to cherish for, and March 4 is the perfect day to do it. It’s not only a date, it’s an imperative: March forth on March 4 to speak well, write well, and help others do the same! On this day, National Grammar Day is celebrated in the United States. Designated in 2008, the National Grammar Day was established by author Martha Brockenbrough, who founded the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG).

Even though it’s only confined to U.S. for now, it’s important for all the grammar snobs to join together and nurture this celebration to make it of universal significance.  We must instigate superior communication among our circle, no matter how unpleasant it makes us look. We should make people realize the importance of grammar; it’s what differentiates us from cavemen and illiterates. In this age of texting and abbreviated meaning, we are ignoring the importance of proper grammar, sometimes which can be really irritating

people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it’s really given us is Howard Dean’s aborted candidacy and 24 hour a day access to kiddie porn. People… they don’t write anymore, they blog. Instead of talking, they text, no punctuation, no grammar: LOL this and LMFAO that. You know, it just seems to me it’s just a bunch of stupid people pseudo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people at a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the King’s English.

-Hank Moody

Being a grammar enthusiast doesn’t mean being a ‘grammar Nazi’ and punishing everyone with bad grammar. In that path you’re probably going to make everyone with cellphone or any digital gadget for that instance your enemy.  My English teacher always said, “Simple English is the best English.” and that stand true for all the languages. We shouldn’t always try to use fancy words to flaunt our knowledge but should use right and acceptable grammar, which is all about good communication. It’s not a fight of good against bad, it’s just standing up for what’s right. Start with yourself and later spread the awareness to use right grammar, which is all about good communication.

Things you can do to show your respect for grammar:

  • Use complete sentence, proper capitalization and punctuation in your texts, emails, comments or blog posts.
  • Read, Read and Read some more. More the merrier.
  • Educate your friends about some grammar myths.
  • Try to inculcate use of proper grammar among young ones.
  • Publicize word games like scrabble (word feud), jumble, crosswords, etc.
  • Subscribe to “word for the day” texts or emails. A word a day, keeps critic who floccinaucinihilipilificate your vocabulary away.
  • And yeah read some more grammar snob books.

National Grammar Day

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