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Nature in a Capsule. Sky On The Earth

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Nature and human being.  Many of us say human being is His greatest creation.  It is not correct in a way.  The nature is most significant creation of Him.  Nature reflects eternal beauty, exuding innocence, selfless benevolence, soulful smile, earthly endurance, divine reflection, vials of panacea, ocean of livelihood, non-discriminatory attitude, and what not.  Nature is everything.  Nature can grow and flourish without human being.  But human being can’t survive without the nature.  In fact we see Him in nature.  We can experience the pure peace and tranquility amid nature.  The pervading benevolence of nature is our livelihood.  The disciplined seasons are our tools of survival.  Despite the treacherous treatment towards nature, she is still supporting us benevolently.  Whereas human being is growing decimal in terms of character, wisdom, righteousness and knowledge.  Human being is shedding his human nature and traveling towards daemonly instincts.  Still there is one thing that makes human being great.  It is the woman.  The life giver on the earth.  The reflection of endurance.  The embodiment of beauty.  The personification of love and the flair of nature.  The poem herein depicts the admiration of a lover about his beloved and her eternal godly smile.  I wish my scribbling become true, I find such an eternal smile and I capture her smile.  Still we can enjoy her smile through this portrayal.

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Sky on the earth

The serene skies
The vivid blue
The lucent moon
The celestial stars
All converged to dance on the earth
The dance that played the music of Himalayan streams
The dance that was rendered on my heart and soul
The dance that mesmerized the nature
The dance that inspired divinity
The dance that made my instincts dance
The dance that none can choreograph
The dance that makes me die in awe
The dancing smile of her
The flowing waves of energy
The touching vibes of delight
Let her render the dance eternal
Let me die and live for ever.

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