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Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Sparples @Nora_LUMIERE
NEW BLOG PARTY   I had intended to set up a website which would incorporate both my blogs but, until I become a Wordpress whizz, the ANIMATED, a Novel blog will remain to be consulted by agents and publishers and this blog: ANIMATED WRITING will gradually drift off into cyber space so, before it does, be sure to jump over to the new one.
   The new blog may look the same as the old blog except for a new header and a domain name, however it will be more dynamic, explosive and uh, pivotal.So, see you all of at the sumptuous virtual champagne reception starting tonight and culminating in a massive birthday bash with fireworks and fun on Saturday the 9th of February 2013.    If your name is on the guest list below, Armie Hammer willpresent you with a silver goody bag of emeralds after you subscribe withthe Google reader, the orange RSS reader or the email subscription,then he'll escort you to the champagne terrace.
NEW BLOG PARTYIf your name is NOT on the guest list, J.K. Rowling will write you a poem worth its weight in gold and escort you to the terrace after you've subscribed by orange RSS button, email or Google reader.
Rebecca Sutherland
Jeff Cook
Kelly Light
Ian Hopkinson
David Gilray
Eloi Champagne
Sarah Hilary
Helen Smith
Caroline Lacorbeau
Julie Musil
Roz Morris
Kurt Chambers
Jay Bee
Poetical Quill Souls
Carrie Clevenger
Pencils and Coffee
Livia Blackburne
Drawn To Be Wild
Groove Press
James Killick
Journaling Woman
Dana Carey
Jonahh Oesreich
Lynn Alpert
Margaret Hickman
Loni Edwards
Molly Campbell
Mike Cressy
Ethan Hurd
Laura Pauling
Nicola McEldowney
Nikita Banerjee Bhagat
Stephen Brooks (Rubber Onion)
Amie Kaufman
Susu @newdaynewlesson
Hubert O’Hearn
Daniel Popescu
Tanvi Karnik
Norris Carr
S.I. Ahmed
Muza Chan
Raquel Crusoe
B. Freret
Alex Cameron
Little Jo
Adiba Smurf
Who is Afraid of Miss Lovett?

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