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New Providence Bound.

Posted on the 25 July 2012 by Kina_lillet
New Providence bound.In The Bahamas, hopping from one island to the next is fairly straightforward as you could imagine. Grand Bahama (where I live) is a little over 100 miles north of the island of New Providence where I'll very soon be living. No, I'm not in search of any sort of change scenery nor did I receive some sort of  unexpected 'calling'. I'm actually being forced to move there. Well, not "forced" as in any hostile, life-threatening manner, but "forced" as in 'I need to move there if I want to finish my college studies for my art degree.' Currently, New Providence is the only island in the country where the art courses of The College of The Bahamas are available and while some students find the move to be a huge inconvenience, others (including myself) don't mind so much. Moving to NP, where the appreciation and enthusiasm for art and culture is more prominent than it is here in Freeport, should be a pleasant change for me. 
Despite my earlier statement about the ease of traveling from island to island, I can count the number of times I have can recall visiting New Providence ...on one hand. Since the majority of those times I have visited was when I was a child; completely unaware of the island and it's cities, there was never a chance for me to consider the opportunities that come with living there. Nassau, being the capital of this glorious archipelago, is naturally more fast paced than the other islands. There are tons more people (and traffic) and a need to be that much more aware of your surroundings. I was told, though, that once you get use to the hustle and bustle the place isn't all that bad, even for someone from Freeport. 
And so, I'm waiting patiently to get there. I've got a less than two weeks to wait after which, I've got an additional two weeks to get settle in before the semester begins. In all my readiness, the realization of leaving home to start your own life (or, at least, college life) has finally kicked in for me. Thought I'm not looking forward to being homesick, I'm excited --excited about the wonderful art courses I will be taking, the interesting people I will meet and reconnect with, and the opportunity! 

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