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No More Credulous!

Posted on the 23 September 2012 by Shamsud @mysticverse
No More Credulous!
No More Credulous!
Empowerment in isolation makes no sense, Knowledge and learning brings in change; Music and rhythm has always inspired to dance, Sometimes a simple hiatus can lead to deep trance
Channelled excitements of the past are serious business today, Your hearts along with your mind are reluctant to obey; Ancient protocols hard wired into our soul; Instincts are cultures, never gets old, Feelings are customs organised inside, Along the hearts sidewalk…love reside.
The wayward wind can break the silence, Your life can topple at a glance; Build a gateway, remove that fence, There is load but we see balance, We carry a piece of the dark continent inside, We belong to the beginning; Darkness always followed by light, Colour of the skin defined by your eyes, Excitement in your eyes defined by your rise!?
Some love to believe and many live in doubts, This is your calling – the final shout; Clear the debris and sing aloud, There is no west and let’s not talk of south; East, North we are equally proud! From the distant sky and from space afar, I hear only heart beats revolving our star!

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