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No Need to Miss Me This Weekend.

Posted on the 19 October 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
Remember how sometimes you don't really want to sit down and write? I remember that too. The thing is I really really don't have any problems with talking. Sometimes I am really angry with Jared. I will be feeling so ill toward him, and then he will ask me something that requires a story. I really struggle because I am ill, and don't want to talk to him, but at the same time I really like to talk and tell stories, he knows he is putting me in these compromising situations. Rude of him. My point is that sometimes I think I should have started a vlog channel. Instead I compromise with doing monthly vlogs. I wanted to do this post on a friday, so that you could all listen to my past vlogs over the weekend when you started to miss me and absurd amount, which we all know will totally happen. I am a missable creature. I also really really want all of you to think about participating. I thought if I reminded you about it a with a few days and a weekend still left to record more of you would JOIN! I really love watching these vlogs, and I really love doing them. 
We have been working hard on our topics, these are the past ones that we have done.What's in your closet?What's on your bucket list?What's on your feet?What's in your bag?
Now we have been trying to keep with this whole "What is on/in....?" theme, and do vlogs that are interesting, but not so complex that no one can relate.
This month's vlog link-up is going to be live next wednesday!! The 24th of October
The topic is....WHAT IS IN YOUR JUNK DRAWER?No need to miss me this weekend.

I looked in my junk drawer last night, and man oh man, my vlog is going to get a bit weird.

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