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Notepad Sale!

Posted on the 19 May 2012 by Prettylittlemrs @PrettyLittleMrs

Notepad Sale!

If you are a person who sits down at a computer each day with the intention of writing something, this is a powerful tool for you to have in your posession. Above is an example of how you can utilize my Writer’s/Blogger’s Notepad to organize your writing tasks.

The notepads just went on sale! Each page of the notepad organizes an entire week’s worth of posts and with 50 pages per notepad that is almost a year’s worth of organization. A single notepad is $8.00 and a two pack is $16.00.

Whether you’re a professional writer or a fledgling blogger ready to get down to business, the Writer’s/Blogger’s Notepad will keep your work organized while also tracking your progress and metrics. Track the date, post titles and “to dos” in the content areas. Use the check-mark boxes to track whether the post has been “Prepped” “Drafted” “Published” and “Shared” and use the numbered areas to track three of your metrics so at the end of the week you can look back and see which posts were successful.

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