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October 2015 [Month in Photos]

Posted on the 04 November 2015 by Ninabille @ThoughtsImages
October 2015 [Month in Photos]

This fall has been gentle with us - the weather has been warm and dry. The falling leaves have painted the city with yellow, red and orange - Such a magnificient sight! I especially cherish the sound of the leaves - the sharp and crispy noise - when the wind is whirling them around on the street. I bike to work every morning, and the sight of the morning sun highlighting the orange leaves against the road makes me smile ... Yes, I'm grateful for the autumn season!We've rediscovered the juicer - our teens get more vegetables when the greens become less visible, disguised as a fresh juice - the mint leaves and a few fruits spices the drink up. And I am learning to use the left over fibers in baking and in soups - freezing it to small portions, ready to be used.

October 2015 ~ Month in Photos from Nina Jensen on Vimeo.Above a video from the photos from October ... Like I said on Instagram, I haven't quite taken a photo each day, but have captured a bunch of meaningful moments. The Collect Photo App makes it easy to store these moments, journalize a bit, and make cards or photo-videos of the images.I hope you're enjoying the season at hand ... As it is unfolding in your neighborhood and your part of the world.... Until next time,Nina

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