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Oh Revered Women!

Posted on the 15 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

The poem below urges women to be more courageous in the prevailing hostility against women in India or elsewhere.  This is specially relevant to India considering the recent incident against Abhaya, Amanath the precious Indian girl who was brutally handled by the animals in the face of humans.  Women is the true nature as she is the bearer and causer of life on the earth.  We need to learn to respect her with total humility.

oh revered women of India

Oh revered women!

The mirror of humanity
The giver of life on the earth
Oh revered women!
The legit thinkers on the earth
Learn to live fearless
Fight the manly advancements
Burn the wicked hearts
You need your space
You need better life
Come out of the traditional incubators
Create a world of domination
Where wicked breath death
Where nature live fearless
Learn Oh revered women
To live fearless life.


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