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Ok, I Take It Back…

Posted on the 09 May 2011 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

At least once a day at work, someone will call or come in and say, “I have a stupid question…”  Our motto at the store is… there are NO stupid questions. Every question is valid, there are a hundred million things to know about gardening and we all learn something new everyday.

Well today my theory proved wrong. Very wrong.

There sure as hell ARE stupid questions. Or at least there was one today.

This weekend is our busiest of the year at work, the next few weeks will kick ass as well, but we always have a killer Mother’s Day weekend.

Today the till was pretty steady… when I am taking your money, I don’t answer the phone, so I probably only answered the phone a total of three times.

Third time is a charm they say.

So it went like this…

The phone rings, there is no one at the till, I am good to go…I answer.

“Good afternoon, Campbell River Garden Centre” … pretty clear right?? G.A.R.D.E.N  C.E.N.T.R.E…

Guy on other end of phone, “Um hey, ya. I was wondering if there are any Monster truck races in Campbell River today?”

Ok, I take it back…I hesitate. I know I haven’t been drinking. I am awake. Not stoned.

I say to guy on other end of phone, “Dude, you called the Garden Centre, you must have the wrong number.”

Dude on the phone… “no, I just randomly picked your number, I figured you would know.”

At this point I am like what???? the???? hell???? are you even talking about you freaking idiot…

Ok, I never said that but WHAT?

Tell me how you randomly pick a GARDEN CENTRE to ask if there is a Monster truck race? I am not the brightest crayon in the box a lot of the time, but I am pretty sure that MAYBE you would.Ok, I take it back… At least take the FOUR SECONDS MORE IT WOULD TAKE, and look up the race track instead of the Garden Centre, I mean they don’t even start with the same letter. Did he get to the G’s in the book and get tired, and decide, awww fuck it, I am just gonna call the Garden Centre, they know everything there…

Is he from the city? Does he just figure… it’s a small town, they all know what is going on with each other, the Garden Centre on their busiest weekend of the year MUST know about the Monster trucks, shit maybe I can order a pizza for Mom while I am at it…I seriously have no clue what he was thinking.

So calmly, I say to him… “I have NO idea if there is a Monster truck race in Campbell River, you have called the Garden Centre, you would have to call the RACE TRACK for that information.” I might have been a little bit sarcastic. I really tried hard NOT to be. But holy crap dude on the other end of the phone, you made that pretty hard not to do.

It didn’t even phase him, he was like, “oh, ok then, I just thought you would know.”  It was a good thing there wasn’t an open wall available, because my head would have been banging against it…

In the future, for all the people that think they have stupid questions…you really, really don’t. At least there isn’t a chance in hell that it is gonna be stupider than the one I had today…so feel free, ask me anything.

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