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On a Sewing Spree

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Tracyrosen @tracyrosen




I finally finished the skirt on Saturday! It only took me…oh…3 months. But if I had actually been focused enough to do it in one sitting I bet it would have taken just a few hours.

Today I am visiting my parents, found myself fondling some fabric in the basement, and decided to make Jack a pair of pants. So I did! And without a pattern. I used a pair of shorts he was wearing for an idea of waist size and I adapted the elastic technique I learned while making the skirt to bitty boy size. And it worked!

Oh, and the top? A few weeks ago I wanted to cover the designer name brand on the chest so I embroidered ‘Spit Happens’ (because it does) onto a piece of brown felt then embroidered it to the top.

Yup, on a bit of a sewing spree and having fun!

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