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On... Being a Crazy Cat Lady

Posted on the 09 June 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
For as long as I can remember cats have been my favorite animal..  I was and have always been the one in my group of friends or family most associated with them and have always been the one that people buy cat-related presents for at birthdays and at Christmas. My Mum has had multiple cats throughout her life and so I've grown up with cats and have never lived without them. On... Being a Crazy Cat LadySammy
At the moment, we have four. It started off with us just going to adopt the one - Sammy, but then she needed a friend - so we got Sooty. And then there was Shadow - a stray I couldn't leave behind, which turned out to be a good decision as it transpired that she was indeed pregnant with four little kittens, whom probably would have never made it out on the streets with their then painfully thin, hungry Mother. And then there was Charlie.. our little boy-cat.. a moment of weakness saw us suggest a trip to the local RSPCA center just to 'look around', but clearly when you're as soft as both Adam and I are about animals, looking was never really going to be all we were going to be doing that day.. and so, home came little Charlie.. and what a character he's turned out to be!. More human than cat.. bless his heart.
On... Being a Crazy Cat LadyShadow
When I hear people say that they're 'not really a cat person' or that they 'just don't like them', I don't really get it to be honest. I mean, how can you not like cats?! They're such lovely little characters and so incredibly adorable, they're really no trouble at all, okay that's not quite true.. some of them do like to scratch up furniture (and new carpets), be sick around the house, find mice to play with and then kill, spread lots and lots of hair around the house and if you're really unfortunate as a cat-owner - occasionally empty their bowels around the house in crafty little spots, but asides from that, they're truly lovely! ;)
On... Being a Crazy Cat LadySooty
If you asked most cat-owners about the above, they'd probably tell you that cats, on occasion, can be bloody hard work and they'd be right. But it's also very likely that they'd tell you that for the majority of the time, cats are such laid-back, very easy to look after, not to mention utterly cute little fur-babies, who simply come in to your lives and make themselves a part of the family and really do go on to make a house feel that much more like a home.
I love each of my little fur-babies, they've all got such individual little characters and they all have lots of cuddles and love to give too. I'd never choose to be without them, despite their often sneaky, rather naughty personailty traits. It's certainly no easy task having four little kitty's to hoover up behind of every single day, but when it comes down to it - there are lots of things in my life that I'm proud of and being a crazy-cat-lady is definitely one of those things.. ;) 
On... Being a Crazy Cat LadyCharlie

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On... Being a Crazy Cat Lady
On... Being Crazy Lady 

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