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On Letting Go of Negativity

Posted on the 01 November 2012 by Accordingtoamber @sgwennu
Is your glass half full, or half empty?  In my case, if it's a wine glass, it's most likely completely empty...  I certainly have my moments of pure, throw-caution-to-the-wind, blind optimism - and these moments have spurred me on to do some great things in the past. Being optimistic doesn't always come easily to however, and it doesn't to author Laura Cassidy either. She blogged earlier this week about how on average, 80% of our thoughts are negative ones.  So, what counts as 'negativity'? Mentioning that you missed your last bus home, had a shocking quote for car insurance or just split your hazelnut latte isn't going to make you a Moaning Myrtle. Don't panic. But thinking that you'll never get that job, that you'll never pass your degree, or perhaps that life will never 'start' for you, isn't just boring to hear but it's downright harmful! (Start panicking.) When I was much shorter than I am now, I used to go horse riding every week without fail. One of the lessons that I remember most clearly was a jumping class where I was told, "Always look where you want to go! If you look at the ground you'll end up there!" I'm pretty sure  my instructor was just trying to help me stay in the saddle, but it's stayed with me and I apply it to most situations.  Of course, we can't be optimistic all of the time. Sometime it's just going to rain on our parade, but we can all make an effort to let go of some of those unnecessary negative thoughts, and generally just whine and moan a bit less. Reigning in our negativity will not only boost our own optimism, but that of those around us! Happiness is contagious! Committing self sabotage is that worst crime of them all, and I am pretty guilty. There are so many things on my to-do list, or things I've considered doing, but avoiding because I'm scared I'll fail, disappoint myself and others or be laughed at.  So in future, I'm pledging to sweep away negative thoughts, and think before I speak. Consider doing this yourself, and you'll see and feel the results almost instantly. Consider, 'Is what I'm saying encouraging, up-building and generally positive?' 'Are these thoughts going to help me, or harm me?' 
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