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On the Journey to Higher Dimensions

Posted on the 07 April 2019 by Berijoy @berijoy
On the Journey to Higher Dimensions

C'mon light my fire
Want to take you higher

Boom shaka-laka-laka, Boom shaka-laka-laka "I Want to Take You Higher," Sly & the Family Stone

So, you've heard of ascension, and maybe you wanna go higher. Sounds good. But you can't go, can't elevate with the residue of lower realms attached to you. You've got to drop whatever heavy baggage weighs you down. For the sake of adventure, new experience, and the unknown, you have to release things that might keep you heavy and weighted to dense spheres.


Learning to let go is not necessarily a graceful event. Realizing that the time has come to let go of things, people, experiences and memories which have outlived their usefulness or purpose, can in and of itself, be a sorrowful moment. And even when you have made peace with the grief of that realization, there is often the specter of fear looming large to dissuade you, and prompt you to reconsider.

Fear is the primary device of the third dimensional so-called reality. It keeps us tethered to this dense realm of life lived primarily with the senses. But life is so much larger, so much more. And most of us are generally unaware of that.

As we move to 5-D reality, (shift in consciousness), it only makes sense that there are things that cannot go with us. They belong to Matrix-land. And so, if one wants to live an elevated life, one of lighter weight and vibration, one must be willing to sacrifice those no longer useful things for the journey.

And one must draw closer to one's inmost being to prepare for the ride.

"Ascension is naught without first ascertaining the Aleph in the World."

― AainaA-Ridtz A R

I remember one time my Shaykh told me that one must be willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for the love of god. Say what? As I was hearing that, I thought to myself, "Gosh, that seems drastic." I smiled, as if I understood and agreed with him. But at that moment, I wondered if my love and devotion was really that pure.

Similarly, Jesus said in the bible somewhere, that one needed to be prepared to give up everything - mama, daddy, and everybody else for that love. Whew! Tall order there, too. Plus, it's all made more difficult by the fact that everything here in this Matrix is made to appeal to our external appetites. Yum. And we are tempted by acquisitions of all kinds, as well. Shiny things. Baubles. Bangles. Ooh-wee.

Now I think I better understand now what those teachers were saying.

"The world is awash with colours unseen and abuzz with unheard frequencies. Undetected and disregarded. The wise have always known that these inaccessible realms, these dimensions that cannot be breached by our beautifully blunt senses, hold the very codes to our existence, the invisible, electromagnetic foundations upon which our gross reality clumsily rests."

― Russell Brand, Revolution

For me, life lived in material reality, in separation from one's Source, one's connection to life in and beyond the visible realms is akin to a risk-taking venture of walking the tightrope. Or, as some daredevils have undertaken, crossing over the cable from one end to another, no net for safety (like Philippe Petit did in 1974, between the no-longer-existing Twin Towers in New York City) which is perilous, at best, to my way of seeing. The way we're inculcated to how things work, we only get one view, one perspective, so whatever we're taught, we believe. And we move blissfully unaware of just how complex and complicated LIFE is. And even dangerous.

I don't think we have any real idea of all we're encountering in living a human life, beyond how we're taught to know, accept, and conform, trying to navigate using only the tips and tricks and rules of materiality. We think we have the big picture, have everything all figured out, but I think without better understanding that life is all-pervasive and includes the unseen worlds, we are lost. We have no real idea, and we are damn lucky. The journey would be far more hazardous without the backing we have from the unseen realms to help guide and assist us, because there is all manner of stuff going on here, there, and everywhere.

So, alongside purging, letting go, releasing, and sorting out the riff from the raff, be sure to include plenty of rest, relaxation, meditation and prayer. Cut back on social media (a devil to my way of seeing), and spend more time with Mama. Befriend sentient life in all aspects of nature, and get in sync with your heartbeat. Within your being is the holy sanctuary that connects you to the beyond, and that oversees your life. Your friends and allies that help steer your life are there, too.

Then, learn to say no, move away from things, people, places, and ideas that poison your life. Stand tall in your power, and find your inner strength. If people think you odd and strange because you no longer accept the version of life we've all been spoon fed, shrug, smile, and keep on stepping.

Tell them, "I'm off to see the Wizard," as you ease on down the road.

From there, on towards the higher realms.

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