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One of My Pet Peeves is When Someone Calls a Hopeful Pers...

Posted on the 18 June 2013 by Eternalmusing @HanaMuses
One of my pet peeves is when someone calls a hopeful person “cute”. Like—excuse you, no. I’m not being cute, I’m not giving you empty words to cheer you up, I’m giving you a different perspective on things. 

It hurts to know that hopefulness and optimism are now considered traits of children. 
You know what? It is hope that thrums through the hearts of revolutionaries throughout the Middle East. When you ask people how they are living through it, how they continue to fight, they are hopeful. They tell you that they are struggling now, but their hope to taste the sweetness of freedom outlasts all the bombs, all the blood, all the tears. 

Hope is like determined drops of water weathering away at the stone cold dam, relentlessly going at it until it can trickle sweetly through the other side. To burst from its restraints and pour down, free to become a thundering current once more. So don’t you dare tell me that hope is “cute”. 

Hope is a powerful warrior in itself.

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