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Orangey Fanta Times: Such Moments Seldom Knock Your Door !

Posted on the 20 March 2014 by Poojakaradgi
13thMarch 2013:(Yes, it was my birthday! :P )I and my junior from another department were selected for the anchoring speech which was to be delivered on the occasion of the Annual Sports Meet of our University. We were told this was going to be in the presence of all the directors of major institutes of our university. Two days it took to get our speech prepared, all because of the hectic college schedule we have.Fianlly the day! What’s more exciting than such an exciting start to your special day? All the Hindi verses in between, the Thankyou notes, the silly expressions. Everything was a fun. Finally when we were about to leave, while we were climbing down the staircases of the huge stage, the chief guest-a NCC Group Commander chief rose from his seat and came to us, gave us a firm handshake and said “ Bahot acha bola baccho”.My God! Such a gentleman’s gesture.Otherwise, when have you seen the chief-guest himself coming to you and praising your work? J
20thMarch 2013 :
Wipro comes to our college to brief us about the opportunities galore you have as an Entrepreneur  and how Wipro promotes all its employees to follow their passion.Well, they had other intentions too. They had come to select two individuals from the campus who would serve as a face of Wipro for the college .I guess, we were 400+ students seated in an auditorium. They briefed us about all the stuffs and then as a preliminary test asked each one of us to write down three paragraphs –one describing ourselves, one describing our leadership qualities and yet another explain why we are fit for the position.I  wrote all three.I shouldn’t add effortlessly. For I had contents to mention in the second and the third section. But writing about yourself, is something, I’ve always found difficult.They were going to announce the results after 60minutes.Followed by the lunch break, we had the declaration of the results.14 was the number of people they had selected and ahoy! I was one among them. Among 14 from 400! Next round was a vote-appeal round. My goodness. Convincing people you are the best is not an easy job,atleast for me.Somehow,I got ready, prepared myself mentally(It’s not easy to face 400 people instantaneously!) and then the “Yess,I Can”  feeling.Thats what all you need at the end-before the start! JIt was breath-taking to be facing that crowd. A little shivering, loud bold voice-everything. Precious moments these are!Although couldn’t make it to the top two learnt three important lessons of life(Yet again?)1st Never be afraid of trying out something new. Never underrate yourself.You are,too, a god’s creation like the rest and be assured that God cannot be biased.
2nd: There will always be people who’ll hate you because you’ve won. Love them. They say, people you love stay in your hearts and minds. Let them occupy those positions. They will keep on reminding you what you gotta achieve. These people will make you a lot stronger!
3rd: Your true friends are those, who’ll not appreciate you speech there, but the effort you had put in behind delivering that. Not the end result, but your preparation.

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