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Our Week Via Instagram

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Paulakathlyn @paulakathlyn
Anyone who follows me on twitter  or Instagram (PaulaKathlyn username), knows that I LOVE taking a million pictures and posting them on Instagram....I just love it! When kids are as small as mine, they are constantly learning something new, doing something funny, trying something for the first time, etc.  Instagram has been the perfect outlet for me to easily capture a lot of these moments.  
Here are a few moments I've captured just this past week:
Stealing daddy's coffee he left on the table, tasting it and realizing it was not as sweet as Mommy's. Our week via Instagram
Look at my baby...all grown up and sitting in the cart like she's a big girl or something. Caleb loves Lorelei's milestones.  He knows she is one step closer to joining him in mischief ;-) Our week via Instagram
Our week via Instagram My brave friend painted her piano and it looks awesome!
Seth and Lorelei having their first daddy daughter talk.  It was intense. Our week via Instagram
Happy Skeletons. Our week via Instagram
Outfit of the day!  When you are surrounded by a 6 month old and a 3 year old most of the day, it's easy to lose track of what is in style.  THANK GOODNESS for Pinterest.  I browsed my Pinterest Style board for some inspiration, and this is what I came up with.  The most in-style outfit I've worn in  a while!  And even then, it's probably not the new fall style, but hey, I'm trying here. Our week via Instagram
We set up a Rodan+Fields booth this weekend...it was fun! Our week via Instagram
Look at this endearing picture.  Older brother teaching sister a valuable lesson.  It's funny that I'm pretty sure Lorelei already thinks it's gross! Our week via Instagram
"Dunkle" Seth sent Lorelei a onesie.  He said he tried to find one that says, "My Uncle Loves Bluegrass", but he couldn't.  I'm shocked. Our week via Instagram
So, there ya have it! Our week via Instagram. Are you on Instagram? What ways do you keep up with your family and all their events/special moments?

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