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Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Rajkiran @rajki_rajkumar
There is a guy. You notice him, but there isn't anything that is either queer or intriguing about him. Funny thing is, you can't take your eyes off this guy, and you don't know why. After a short while, the guy notices that you are watching him, there is a glow on his face. He approaches you. He doesn't introduce himself, but apparently is delighted to talk. The conversation begins.
He talks about you, he talks about his queer ideas, views and opinions. You begin to realize the reason for being sucked into this guy. As the conversation begins, you feel the unusual. The stuff he says isn't just out-of-the-way, they are eerie, probably creepy. You realize that he lives in a fantasy, a fantasy where he is happy, a fantasy that he has become one with, probably like the Matrix.
You slowly start to recount, and not only the creeps start, but also it is haunting. You want to leave, but you can't. You don't know if you are just too afraid, or that what he says might just make sense. The fantasy is inviting, tempting, but you know that once you enter, you can never come back.
Would you take his offer? He is probably just dreaming out loud.
This post is dedicated to CBC ( Chennai Bloggers Club ). There was a discussion about favorite songs. This one is one of my all time favourites. Enjoy listening :)

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