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Overdue.. Or Perhaps Not...

Posted on the 27 June 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
40 weeks pregnant, due date, overdue, 40+5 weeks
Well I'm now 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant with no sign at all of my little boy - I just never expected that I would go over.. this little guy engaged weeks ago and I had signs of labor ever since. I'd always been adamant that I'd see him before the 40 week mark. 
My last appointment with my midwife was on Thursday, I'd built myself up thinking that she'd offer me a sweep or at the very least that she'd be able to check me and see if I was dilating or effaced at all. But she didn't do either of those things, telling me she just wasn't allowed until 41 weeks as this was my second baby. Apparently it's different for your first, which is why I was checked when pregnant with Ethan on my due date. They say that after your first your body should know what it's doing so there's no reason to check until you hit 41 weeks. I was pretty gutted to be told this and even had a few tears of frustration after my appointment. It sounds ridiculous, because at least I've got a healthy baby who I will eventually meet but no matter how many times I remind myself of that, I can't help feel frustrated. It's like life's on hold at the moment and is creeping by. My pregnancy flew past, but this week has sort of felt longer than the entire last nine months.. 
Another thing that's playing on my mind is that baby is already measuring around Ethans birth weight, which was a particularly large 9lb 9oz. I really struggled to get him out and ended up having a ventouse delivery. I lost so much blood which they think was most likely due to his weight, and it was all quite traumatic. I really wanted to avoid that this time, but the longer he stays inside the more he grows. I'm starting to worry about having to have a forceps delivery or even a c-section if he stays in much longer. I feel really anxious about both of these things and really want to avoid them. 
Something, however, did occur to me yesterday morning and that is that my original due date (where they go off of the date of your last period before the first scan) was actually in July - July 2nd (next Thursday), it was only at my dating scan that they said I was 10 days further ahead then I thought and brought my due date to June 22nd. Of course, we went along with it as that's how the professionals calculate when baby will be due, but perhaps that's why he's not made an appearance yet?! Of course, he might just be overdue.. tons of women go over and end up having sweeps or being induced. My own Mum never went into labor with any of her four children and had to be included.. with three out of four of us ending up being born by c-section. 
I'm really not sure when he's going to arrive, but I wake up every morning and even in the early hours of every morning hoping that I'll soon begin to feel contractions. If nothing happens this weekend, I have an appointment booked for Monday morning to have a sweep. I don't know what to expect at all and I don't know how likely it is to help start things off but I just hope that it'll do something. I've never thought about induction and so I don't really know what it involves, I just hope I don't get to that stage! 
Overdue.. Or Perhaps Not...Overdue.. Perhaps Not... 

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