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Pain and Pleasure

Posted on the 25 February 2013 by Beersting @beersting

yin yang

“I’m on the way to the promised land…” the song is stuck in my head and my heart want to relate with it but the thing that’s stopping it is…….why this blank! Every time I want to write something lots of stream of ideas start flowing into my mind like a stream from the hill-top which dries as soon as my hand touches the pen, leaving behind the nullness. The four hollow halls of my heart, where the silence screams louder than an army of ferocious warriors.  The darkness darker than a black hole has camped itself in my brain, sucking on every bright idea that was ever born, leaving behind just the pain. The pain, the words fall short to explain, feels like something is cutting through your soul, zillions of needles poking and trying to kill the person from inside and yet giving the pleasure of death like experience. They say, pain is the purest form of pleasure. It’s concept of yin-yang which explains that every good thing embraces the bad within and the bad gives way to good; as it’s necessary for both of them to stay together to bring stability. What gives you life is also the one that takes it, and what gives you real pain is the source of euphoria, the real pleasure. Once you start enjoying the pain you’ll learn the truth behind the life. Till then “I’m on the highway to hell.”

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