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Patience and Impatience

Posted on the 21 January 2012 by Alphaqsecc

Again yet again, she stood gazing at him in silence,

But even to that day he could feel ‘her’ voidance.

His blasé attitude chided her further,

Still he knew it was for her better.

Her regard continued with new life,

By the time, he was so sure it would end with a strife.

Thinking, envisaging, contemplating, excogitating

She gave an absolute look as if she was fading.

Days went by, but he never saw her,

And then he conceived that the ‘see’ was premeditated.

Finally he adaged her with pardner,

Beaming he surely was;

But as if longing to say ‘’she’ was true and perhaps   so I’m deflowered in ‘her’ love !

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