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Personal Experience with Mirena

Posted on the 11 January 2013 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
Brennon Nigel Loveless - Stop Reading now!That is my older brother man. He is grossed out by "girl talk". If you're grossed out, stop reading this! 
This week has been one of those weeks that you almost wished would go by slower. Monday- Thursday zipped on by. I knew that it was going to be like that too. Yesterday I had an appointment to get the Mirena put in. I decided to write this post, because if your like me... you have done an insane amount of research but still don't know what to do. 
I was set on getting the Mirena from the very beginning. I decided about a year ago that I wanted it. However, at the time I didn't have health insurance, and it's very expensive. I was insured in October but still really nervous to actually go in and meet with a Doctor. It took me until December to make an appointment. As I understand the doctor's like to do a consultation, before they'll make the appointment to do the procedure. 
My consultation was really nerve wracking. I hadn't ever done this before. I have never been on any forms of birth control before, either. I wanted the birth control, but I am also praying to the birth control gods that this helps my horrible cramps that come along with my periods - the cramps are the main reason I chose Mirena. In the consultation we sat down for about 20 minutes. We talked about when my last cycle was, if I had been on birth control before, how painful my periods are, and then she talked about a few forms of birth control. I basically said I  had already decided on Mirena. She was very on board with Mirena, she gave me this brochure, and went over all the topics in it with me. The only concern she had is that I have never had children before. That means my cervix is smaller, so it's a little bit more painful to get that bugger in! That's why not all Doctor's suggest it to women that haven't had kids. 
The last part of the consultation was the Pelvic Exam. No one, nor the internet told me this would happen, so I was really not mentally prepared. Probably a good thing, because I would have been more terrified to go if I had known. I was just asked to undress from the waist down, they had a nice huge giant blanket (that is like a huge paper towel) to cover up with. Then she inserts a plastic rod to make sure everything is normal, and to test for STI's. It doesn't hurt one bit. Don't stress ;) Jared, my husband, came with me to the whole consultation and stayed during the exam. That is totally normal, as well. Don't feel uncomfortable asking someone to come with you if you're nervous. It certainly was comforting and it calmed my nervous!
I set up an appt. 3 weeks after my consultation to get the actual IUD, which was yesterday. The procedure was very quick. I think I was in the room for about 15 minutes. My advice is to make sure you pee first. I went pee first, and it helped me relax more knowing there was no pee in my bladder. Weird, but it works. My OB and one other nurse was in the room with Jared and I. He stood by my head, and helped calm me down, again... The doctor starts by putting a  plastic thing in that hold your vagina, open, and then opens your cervix. She put a numbing cream in me, and then they did 2 numbing shots. One on each side of the vagina. I really didn't feel this, it didn't hurt me. After that, she measured my uterus to make sure the Mireana will fit, because there is only one size. They had to dilate me, because I had a small cervix. They don't have to do this with everyone. That was the most painful part for me. It felt like little pinches every few minutes. After I was opened enough, they had a long plastic thing that comes with the Mirena that she used to maneuver it into place. As soon as she slipped all the instrument out, that is when I felt the really intense cramping. I almost couldn't put on my own pants! I would really suggest having someone drive you home. Especially if you drive a manual car, because pressing in the clutch KILLED me! Ouch!
Personal Experience with Mirena
Personal Experience with Mirena
The first night, I had intense cramps. I spent about an hour in the shower with hot water, and the rest of the night I laid with a heating pad on my back, and one on my belly. I haven't ever heard of an OBGYN prescribing any pain medication. I did have a loratab, so I was able to relive the cramps and sleep through the pain. Last night was horribly painful for quite  few hours. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to function at work today, but I woke up feeling quite alright. I have a heating pad, but my cramps haven't been here at all today.
Personal Experience with Mirena
I'll keep you posted if you're interested in getting the Mirena. Feel free to ask me or email me [email protected], and I will give you any insight I have into the procedure.
So for all my readers. Do you have the Mirena? What's your experience?

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