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Posted on the 04 March 2013 by Wislanscraft @Wislanscraft


I started to title this post, "what I like about growing old". But when I thought about it, I realized its all about perspective.
In 2007, I walked away from a job that paid well, and that I sort of liked. Office politics, my own stubbornness, and other factors all came together and I thought, "no problem, I can get another job quickly..." A recession, my age, and a series of interviews where I was told I was overqualified, proved me wrong, wrong, wrong.
I spent the three next years painting old furniture (and some new), and selling some of it at my Etsy shop.
It was fun, but I stressed about the lack of health insurance in my late fifties, so I kept up the job search. On a whim, and not without a small sense of desperation, I applied at the Big Box Super Store, and within an hour, they called, and within a day, I was again gainfully (sort of) employed.
After six months, I qualified for the group health insurance plan, and started breathing again. I also started enjoying retail work. It's fun; it's easy, and the folks I work with are mostly a joy.
Ninety percent of my co-workers are in their twenties. Young, fresh faced, smart! Many are students, some still in high school, most in college... even the "executives", college graduates, are earning at their first real paychecks, learning the ropes, and having the time of their lives.
But when you're nineteen and twenty there is Drama. There is a lot of Drama.
One of my sweet girl colleagues calls it being all about the "boyfraaaaaaand", with a wry grin and a certain youthful wisdom.
I can remember this. In fact as I chat with my young friends, whether she is the wise girl above, or the young mother dealing with her small children, I am aware of the great blessing of growing old. Because I remember this.
It is a blessing that they share with me their joys and sorrows. It is a blessing that I can share with them, if they ask, what I have learned from the vantage point of my years.
I have the perspective gained from my own joys and sorrows. I'm so very grateful for all of it.

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