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Photography ~~ Spring Cometh (somewhere…but Not Here)

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Vintagefrenchchic

Let’s start this “celebration of Spring” post with this reminder of Spring 2012:



Yes, it was unseasonably warm this time last year.  And while it was beautiful, it was detrimental to many farm crops in our area.  I believe 80-90% of the fruit crops were lost due to early blooming followed by hard frosts.  But it was great weather to have while our Florida Snowbird Neighbors were gone so I could give them grief about missing such a glorious March.  And yet, it didn’t stop them from returning to the Sunshine State again this year.  Rightly so because this time they are missing “butt cold” wind and snow.  Our first day of Spring came with a “snow advisory” lasting through much of today.  The seven days forecast doesn’t look much better….not more snow but it will continue to be cold.  Uugh.  I wish I could say that I had complete insouciance (word of the day from dictionary.com!) regarding this state of affairs…but I don’t.  I do care because I am so ready for warmth and flowers and I am dying to see my first robin.

Life goes on, right?  I still have to live in this dismal mess.  And I still have to walk the dog.  The lack of interest in doing this  in the sub-zero temps is overwhelming.  I managed to drag him around three blocks yesterday but I knew he needed more exercise.  Enter the Florida Snowbird Neighbors again.  Ellen kindly offered that I could throw Rockefeller in their fenced in back yard to play while they were gone.  That is exactly what we did yesterday.  Here’s Rockefeller’s account of the time spent there:

“Ahhh!  The feeling of being leash-free!”


“The freedom to establish new, unadulterated territory!”


“To go where no dog has dared gone before…”


“To brave the wilderness just as my kinsdogs did before me…”


“To conquer steep mountains…”



“Hey Rockefeller, are you ready to go home?”


“Not yet, Mom.  I still have some territory to discover…”


“….and my face to bury in the snow because I can.”


“But I think that about covers it…yes, I think I am ready.”




“Thanks, Pete and Ellen.  I had fun in “the Maze”.  Smell your butt soon, Augie!”

Have a great Spring whatever, peeps!




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