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Pissed Off With Blogging Rant

Posted on the 14 February 2012 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


I have been somewhat pissed off annoyed at the way a small number of bloggers portray others, especially newer bloggers who are becoming successful. I spent so much time trying to learn what I was meant to do that it left me with a headache. Can I do this and can I say that? I have never been one to be a sheep and follow others and blogging has given me a few sleepless nights.

I have been the spotlight of idle gossip on a few occasions and yes it used to worry me. I have been blocked by a few “top mommy bloggers”, who are well known, they don’t like me and that suits me fine as I would never have people like that as friends in real life, so I see online relationships as much the same.

How many times do you see bloggers congratulating others? How many times do you see bloggers shouting out to help you? How many well established bloggers go that extra step to make you feel welcome into their clan? I don’t see any. All I see is bloggers making up rules and pushing those who try something different out.

Are there really any rules when it comes to blogging? Are all blogs the same? Do we all have to stick to the same theme and topics? Must we all write a post a week or join in with every linky going? Do you see many well known blogging names coming to comment on your blog after you have taken the time to read theirs?


Pissed Off With Blogging Rant


I am not afraid to try new things and experiment, my personality is of a risk taker and when someone says “ Oh you can’t do that” or “That does not work”, I always like to see for myself.

Triberr is disliked by many of the bloggers yet I personally love it. It has worked well for me and my blog and I speak to a great range of other bloggers who also praise Triberr. I do not care in the slightest that others say “ We unfollow anyone who uses it” or “it looks spammy”. If you don’t want to follow a blogger who uses it then don’t, simply hit unfollow. Why tweet away and put down those who do not agree with you? Because you dislike something everyone who uses it is not worthy of your friendship? Wow. Utterly shocked at the behavior of some on Twitter recently.

A blog is not “good enough to be accepted” where it does not fit into what a few small minded feel should be a mommy blog, I do not want to be a sheep, I do not want to blog about nappies and fluffy eared teddy bears as my life is far from normal. I don’t feel the need to tell you what art work we made or where we went each day. My blog may well be totally different, but guess what so am I.


Pissed Off With Blogging Rant


I see bloggers moaning that others stole their ideas? Ideas of what? With over 2,000 mommy blogs alone that I know of are you having a laugh, the idea that came to you did not come to another person? Your kids play in the mud just like others kids, mums buy Pampers nappies and because you do that too is it wrong? That is how petty some have become.

Blogging is competitive whether you like to admit it or not. But some take it way too far and become horrid jealous monsters. I never get involved with bitching about others, I just sit and watch and wonder do these people behave that way in real life or are they prone to being social media warriors?

There is only one rule I have when it comes to blogging and that’s be yourself and enjoy it.

This blog portrays a person, this blog shows what I am and what I do. I am sorry a small number of bloggers don’t feel what I do should be accepted, I have spent most of my life trying to please others, I learned a value lesson in doing so. You live a life of misery.

I did follow many other mommy bloggers, those some would call top bloggers, I have lost any respect I did have for them due to their clique and catty attitude of others. I no longer worry if what I am doing is right, as my blog is mine and I can do what I wish. I will always thank those small few who have helped me at some point, but as for a warm and welcoming community, I am afraid I have not seen much of that.

I will continue to use Triberr if I please, I will continue to discuss controversial and taboo subjects and I will post as many guest posts as I wish. Why? Because I can.

Do I care this post will piss some off? No not in the slightest, at least my traffic for today will be higher than normal right? A blogger who actually stands up and says what many others feel yet are afraid to say for fear of judgment. Well judge away.


 * This post is aimed at NOBODY – I am not writing this with anyone in mind. I am writing this post as I feel the need to get it off my chest. Then I can go back to what I love doing*


Sorry guys but I needed to rant.

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