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Pond’s Sandal Radiance Talc

Posted on the 15 October 2012 by Gayatri @LifeEssence2

Today I’m feeling kinda sick and thus I’m here with a simple, mostly known and used by most of the population product review. Yes, its Pond’s talcum powder. Don’t say that you never used it. Almost all of us used it, didn’t we? If not you, then at least your mother have used it right? For me also its the first product I’ve used since childhood. I even didn’t remember when I used it for the first time lol...Well, in the month of May when I was leaving to Hyderabad for my summer training, my mom bought it in the station since it was summer and to keep myself away from sweat and skin problems. I used it only few times in Hyderabad and at home in Vizag.Pond’s Sandal Radiance Talc 
Claims: NothingPrice: Rs.8.00 for 20gIngredients:Talc, calcium carbonate, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol, Cl 77492, Cl77491, Cl 77499, Titanium dioxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Stearic acidUsage Instructions: Use everydays, before going out in the sun to keep your natural glow intact.Shelf Life: 24 monthsPond’s Sandal Radiance Talc
My Experience:It is packed in a plastic container with holes on it. You have to turn the cap and take the product out to use. The color of the product is slight wheatish or sandal color and not white. People with dusky skin may find it better than a white coloured powder since it makes your skin look odd if not applied properly. Well, I don’t think its a big deal cuz its not going to stay long on your face. When you go out, in minutes you’ll loose the powder and start sweating in summers. Then what’s the use of a powder. But it says it to have natural sunscreen which is a positive part of it. If you use this powder daily then I recommend to use it at home and a good powder with SPF and that stays long for outdoor purpose. This s what I have to say about this product.Pros:-   Affordable-   Avalability-   Not a bad product-   Natural sunscreenCons: -   Won’t stay longPond’s Sandal Radiance Talc
Rate: 2.5/5 Its an average product but still a good one cuz it don’t claim anything and don’t do much too.Will I Repurchase it: ha ha... I’m used to compacts or SPF based loose powder. I hardly use this one. I’ve this 20g poeder since 1 year and I’m definitely going to use it at home for 6 more months (shelf life doesn’t support more than that).- Gayatri

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