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Posted on the 27 January 2017 by Kimeetay @Kimee_Tay

Howdy dowdy. I’ve been spending the past 3 days pretty much helping out at home getting things ready for CNY. I’ve cleared my room (which is a plus cause I usually do it when I’m about to leave for hostel again), and I also helped mop the floor. Haha.

Managed to squeeze in a little gym time with WC and met up with his buds Su and Crystal. We had dim sum at Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum for lunch. To be honest, I quite dislike dim sum. Cause in my mind I always portray it as more flour than meat. However, I enjoyed my dim sum meal yesterday!

Here’s why: We didn’t over-order. Usually when I have to eat dim sum with my family, we tend to over-order, cause Jon loves dim sum. And so we always end up stuffed. Too much dim sum is kinda jelak. When I had dim sum with WC, Su and Crystal, initially I thought they didn’t order enough, lol, compared to my family. But whatever they ordered was just nice.

After dim sum we headed to Hails Soft Serve cause it was just a stone throw away to grab dessert! I was supper excited when Crystal mentioned it cause I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I saw it featured by Insider. I really wanted to try the lady gray tea infused flavoured ice cream but they didn’t have it that day. So I tried the blue pea gula melaka. It was not bad.

Today is CNY eve. Where we mostly spend our time finalising the preparations of ourselves and our home for CNY I guess. Haha. I spent my morning helping out dad outside with the dogs. I have an achievement today! I cut all the dogs’ nails successfully on my own! Previously, I was always afraid to cut them cause they were afraid and they struggled which made me afraid I might hurt them.

One time, the first time I tried cutting a dog’s nail on my own, it was late Chako’s paw nail. It was so long that I wanted to cut it as short as I can (even though dad said to just cut the sharp part off). But I didn’t listen and cut it really short to her paw, blood oozed out and she yelped! And for a while I was afraid to cut nails for dogs.

But today, I saw that little Mireille’s nails was pretty long. And I think she hasn’t had her nails cut before. So I thought, if I could create a good first nail cut experience with her, it would be great for both Mireille and I. So I picked up all my nail cutting courage and cut her nails.And it went well! I ended up cutting nails for Angel, Stanley and Sandy too.

I spent my afternoon assisting mom with the CNY Reunion Dinner preparation. Haha. I did stuff like chopping the garlic and ginger and washing the green veggies. We manage to do settle most of the stuff pretty quickly. We had a total of 7 dishes this year for 4 pax! We finished everything except for the green raw veggies and chicken.

Tadaa! Only the yee sang and fatt choi dish were bought, others my mom prepared (with her trusty assistant Kim). This year is the first year we had yee sang at home. Here’s a funny story, after we mixed the yee sang only then I realised that we forgot to add in the raw salmon that was still in the fridge. Haha. I literally finished half of the yee sang.

This is my wonderful working mom that still manages to prepare such a wholesome reunion dinner.

My awesome folks that did 90% of the CNY preps! Speaking of that, I really wished Jon would have voluntarily helped out more at home. God he didn’t have to go to work today and all he did during his free time at home is camp out in front of his computer! After dinner, I thought that he would volunteer to do the dishes cause pretty much didn’t do anything at home today. But he didn’t, until I sounded him.

And because of his behavior / attitude, sometime it makes me grumpy or impatient cause I feel like I’m doing my part and he isn’t doing a single thing. I do hope that my bro turns into a new leaf, or at least grow into a greener leaf (lol, does that make sense) in the new year of the rooster. Hopefully he becomes more reliable and useful.

I’m not talking bad about my brother, he’s a great guy, smart and/or funny at times, but he has so much to improve on given his age. There’s so much of him that I don’t want to be when I am his age. I too know that I’m flawed and have a lot to work on myself. Bring it on cock year.


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