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Preparing for a Car Journey with Children

Posted on the 21 October 2019 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
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Preparing for a car journey with children can feel sometimes feel like a mammoth task; with the questions of ‘are we there yet’ and making sure you’ve remembered to bring everything with you. Whether it’s a half-hour round trip to the shops or a long-haul journey with suitcases packed in the back, preparation is key. As the festive season is approaching, there will be an increase in occasions where you need to pack up the car and get going, so to help make these journeys as seamless as possible, I’ve put together some useful tips for those car journeys with your little bundles of joy. 
Prepare the carFirst things first, prepare the car. Make sure it’s tidy and clean so you’re not overlaying mess on mess because let’s face it, the journey will probably involve spillages, sticky fingers and toys whether you like it or not. Then of course comfort and safety are paramount, and as such the car seat our children travel in is an important factor to consider. There are so many to choose from, including Joie car seats from Kiddies Kingdom which have been designed for different age groups, in a variety of sizes and lots of fabulous colours and designs to choose from. 

Lead the wayBringing a variety of fun things to keep your child entertained on the car journey will go a long way to making it as peaceful as possible. Try giving them a map and let them think they are the ones leading the way; this is great for involving them in the journey and keeping them busy. Once you’ve set off, keep them amused by asking for directions and asking them to tell you what’s coming up next. Games We all remember the good old ‘I spy’ and ‘going for a picnic’ but quite often there isn’t much to see when you’re traveling on the motorway, apart from a straight road and greenery, so the game may become a bit repetitive. Mix it up a little by playing “I don’t spy with my little eye ...…” and instead of ‘going for a picnic’ using the same rules play “when Santa came to visit he gave me…..” this is bound to keep them entertained and is also a great way to figure out what they want for Christmas!TreatsLittle treats along the way can be great for ensuring your children stay well behaved - and they don’t have to be full of sugar either. Fruit, yoghurt pouches, apple crisps and maybe even a healthy muffin can all be great alternatives to the packet of sweeties. If you’re prepping for a longer car journey, make sure to bring plenty of different treats. 

Screen time

Sometimes controversial, the square screen can be very useful on a car journey with children. Whilst too much time spent looking at devices may not be great for us, downloading a film or your child’s favorite programme for the car journey can be a great way to keep them distracted and entertained for a longer time, just whatever you do, don’t forget the headphones! Thank you for reading.   Alex xo

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