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Pride? No, Shame Actually.

Posted on the 31 May 2013 by Rajkiran @rajki_rajkumar
This samacheer system is a complete failure and waste of good intellect. I've felt it when I teach the kids, how much good, interesting and important portions are left out in the syllabus. These ten of thousands of centum marks are not an indicator of success. They are indicative of failure. One does not achieve success by lowering the standards. It is like pros playing amateur sports. This is spoiling the next generation.
While it is agreeable that the syllabus that previously existed wasn't the best either, it was surely better than what exists today. The samacheer science book which I have read through, is a complete joke. Those who are proud of your kids scoring centum marks, please reconsider. It is not something great. A kid studying 8th standard can be coached to get the same, in 2 months time. I can vouch for it.
Building such a shaky base is the main reason people slack off in their college. Don't blame the college system and the bad teachers in college. That's not the entire story.
Frankly, much disappointed in the 10th board results that were released today. If 29000 people scored centum in math, what the fuck is special about it? What is there to be announced in news with such pride?
Think twice. Don't throw the education system to the dogs. If not already. These kids deserve better. They are bright. They can learn much more. 75 odd state ranks is not something to be proud of. The kid who scored 498/500 will still probably not be happy because his achievement is split with 9 people in a system that is designed for everybody to pass, not the bright to excel.

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