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Rahul Has A Dream

Posted on the 19 August 2016 by Ravenswingthog @ravenswingthog
Rahul Has A Dream While I'm taking a short break which has probably involved cross stitch, my good friend Rahul Singh from Good Little Indian has stopped by to hold down the blogging fort. Thanks Rahul!
There's a cave in Turkmenistan called the "DOOR TO HELL", it's been burning nonstop since 1971. There's also a cave in Mars, and it hasn't been found yet. No kidding. While none of the 2 genuinely awesome facts has anything to do with Duolingo, but that's what you get when Rahul decides to write.
Write! Write! Write! A writer writes, a reader reads, and a language learners learns languages. Alas! I'm using too many exclamation marks. Thankfully, the person that'd be editing this blog, is a friend. Oh! I have distracted myself, but take my word... One shouldn't swear while writing professionally. And no exclamations. Alright? Great!
Note to self: Take a long breath, and write properly, Rahul. Okay? Good.
Duolingo, learning French, and some extras. These were to be the themes of this post. While, I've mentioned the extras already, let's get to the main subject. Duolingo.
The story in a snapshot: Rahul installs Duolingo. He chooses to learn French. He's within a month 12% fluent in French. 2 months later, the app shows him 10% fluent in French. He giggles, as he doesn't remember a proper sentence.
There's nothing more painful than an unfulfilled dream. Just a while back, I'd a dream. My dream girl, dressed in black in a wild summer afternoon, temperature clicking 50°C. Both of us standing in the middle of an abandoned land. Complaining about global warming. Then, suddenly I would go down on my knees, and ask her in French, "Voulez-vous s'il vous plaît aller chercher de l'eau ici?" The girl would say, "What?"
"Will you please go and search for water here?" I'd reply with a faint smile. How romantic!?
However, such is life with slow 2G, and an app that's not Taylor (or tailor; pun unintended) made for that type of Internet. I had dreams of mastering French, and publishing a book in French. How rude is life! What a cheat destiny is! It showed me the meat, and when I moved to eat, it took the plate away. I could literally sue all the Gods for this, or my Internet provider. If I weren't busy playing Baseball. 9 Innings 2016 is the game, Arizona is my team. I've finished last for 2 seasons straight, but I'm addicted. So, goodbye French, goodbye all.
P. S. - The sentence in French has been written using Google translate. If that's completely atrocious. It's not to be blamed. Thank you.
P. S. S. - Anybody wants to sign me up for a book deal? While, I'm playing Baseball. I will try to take time off to write. Good day.
Thanks again to Rahul for blogging, it's well worth stopping by his blog at https://goodlittleindian.wordpress.com/
and you might want to check out his previous post where he details further his battles with Duolingo.

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