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Read This Poem Blindly with the First Impression. Read Th...

Posted on the 09 April 2012 by Shamsud @mysticverse

Read this poem blindly with the first impression. Read th...I dedicate the below poem to all my 10,000 kind visitors in the last three months. Read this poem blindly without thinking much. Let your first impression on the poem take over. Read the poem again with the help of the imagery. Let me know if you enjoyed it
Read this poem blindly with the first impression. Read th...
The melody is hypnotic, Balloons filled with gas; Sanity playing with my alter ego, I want to dance.
It’s the beginning of a SĂŠance, I want to dance; Life out of living dead, Dance!
Stars on the dance floor, Moons besides the side walk; My sunlight rehearsing in the backyard, We want to dance.

The moon completing the circle of light, Teeth readying for the bite; Eyes, manufacturing that wacky glance, All I want – dance. Shamsud A If You Enjoyed This Post Please Take 5 Seconds To Share It

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