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Realize the Republic!

Posted on the 26 January 2014 by Bytesandbanter @bytesandbanter

"Just an another day" for most people... Alas!The celebrations are feeble. A 'National Festival',as it is regarded... But,does anyone care if the nation is guarded?
The Rajpath revelry begins early in the morning... A prominent procession, but, the viewership is alarming! Nice patriotic songs are scheduled to be sung...         Some do sing, but very few remember those who were hung.
Republic Day Parade
"Put country before self",they say... But, still, they don't recognize the importance of the day. The tricolour is waved gently in the air... The green band is at the top,but people don't care!
Indian Flag
Diwali and Holi are celebrated with great zeal... But, the Republic Day is the biggest of them all, one should feel. We were born on this land, some in March while others in May... The least we can do is to, spiritedly,celebrate the Republic Day.

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