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Really Annoying Things Bloggers Do...

Posted on the 23 March 2013 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27
Really annoying things bloggers do... I settled down to a bout of contented blog surfing - catching up with old favourites and hopefully finding some fresh new blogs to enjoy. 

Only minutes later I was muttering and, eventually, gave up annoyed. I know I'm particularly crabby today (two hours of eardrum-burstingly loud kids party entertainer will do that to a person), but this one had been a long time coming. 

What's with the right click ban? Really. I get that you don't want anyone to steal your content. No one does. But surely if someone is determined to nick it they will. What the RCB means is that any one whose habit - as mine is - to open a new window for links gets really annoyed and stops bothering with your blog. 

Can the Captcha. Please. I like to comment almost as much as I like to get comments. I also hate spam - lots of it tries to make its way onto my blog and some succeeds. But having Captcha (the really annoying and almost illegible letters you have to copy into a box before you can post a comment) makes it so tedious to comment that I often don't bother. 

Signing of no comments.Same irritation ranking as Captcha. It's when you have to sign up to the blog platform or similar before you can comment. If I get the urge to comment, I just want to do it without faffing about remembering passwords and so on. Please make it easy for me. 

Gain some focus. We aren't professional photographers but there is one quick fix I urge everyone to make - wipe the smears off your camera phone lens. It makes me slightly queasy when I see a photo where you appear to be peering through a fog... unless, of course, it was foggy. 

A plot that's too thick. Anonymity is fine and I understand lots of reasons why people opt for it, but I do like enough of a back story for your posts to make sense. 

Not minding the gap. No paragraph breaks that leaves a long block chunk of text is a real turn off. I'm probably a scatterbrained light-weight, but I can't plow through it. 

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