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[REC]-It Clara

Posted on the 23 April 2013 by Tumbleweed4996 @MacyRipley

This post contains spoilers to the 2012 movie, [REC] 3: Genesis, which you have probably never heard of and will probably never see but whateverForeign films are some of the most cherished in America, mostly because, if they make it across the see/over the border/through the atmosphere, they must be pretty damn good. Movies like The Artist, Amour, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Biutiful are the reason the Academy Awards has a whole category reserved for foreign films.Buuut sometimes a bad film or two slip through the cracks of this filter and make it to (at least) some very-limited release in theaters or just two copies in a video store, the latter being exactly how I found [REC] 3: Genesis.Well, I had actually seen the movie's two predecessors before, which led to my renting it.In short, the first [REC] is about these people who are trapped in an apartment building because of an outbreak in some crazy disease that turns people into zombies (kind of). I've been told it's the Spanish Quarantine. It was received very well, earning a 96% on RottenTomatoes among critics.[REC] 2 follows the remaining humans in the apartment building, along with three new ones who sneak into the building via tunnel and also record the crazy happenin's. It received considerably less on RT, but still making it “fresh”, earning a 69%.And now...[REC] 3: Genesis. In this movie, the characters, all different from it predecessors', are at Clara and Koldo's wedding when the uncle goes crazy and attacks. The bride and groom are separated, and the rest of the movie follows them trying to find the other, making tonsof stupid decisions along the way. Some examples are (1) the fact that Clara keeps her heels on the entire time, (2) when Koldo goes out to look for her, puts on a suit of armor for protection, but doesn't cover his head, (3) the bride using a chainsaw to cut a weird v-shape out of her dress, (4) each and every time anyone stopped to look at the crowd of zombies approaching them instead of fucking running, (5) in the end, when Koldo picks Clara up after she's been infected and walks up to these police officers and starts making out with Clara, resulting in her biting his tongue off, and many, many more. (Frankly, it was no surprise that this movie got 38% on RT. It's one of those franchises where they just should have stopped.)But if you're looking for a somewhat-gory, non-acclaimed, Spanish movie to watch with you kids or lover or something, you've got three to choose from.

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