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Reminiscing for the Future

Posted on the 03 March 2019 by Berijoy @berijoy
"When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars".

"Aquarius" from the musical, Hair

In a universal sense, we're heading somewhere. As consciousness evolves, we move toward and for LOVE.

For those who have been paying attention, we've had a lot of fierce and challenging cosmic energies inundating our planet and ourselves, especially this last year. And we are not out of the storm, yet. And as far as I am able to intuit, these strong energies will continue at least through 2020. But that's not something to elaborate on here and now. And, not being an astrologer, I can't say for sure how that all works, anyway. But as I understand it, astrological retrogrades bring things back to us: people, memories, subconscious bodies long buried and forgotten, and other phantoms of past life and living. Truthfully, even though I have astrologer friends, I only knew to repeat the party line, "Ooh, Mercury is going retrograde..." and we all had a basic idea of what that meant. I never really paid attention to any of it prior to 2018's Venus Rx (retrograde), when this idea of how powerful the Venus backward movement and motion would be. It was a subject on almost everyone's tongue, even in major media. Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. And it was an interesting time, I do admit.

Now there is talk about the pending Mercury Rx coming on the 5th of March this year, in Pisces, which supposedly will be even more big and bad because it's in the 29th degree of that sign. And ostensibly that's a deep degree, not to mention Pisces, and the other astrological aspects that are in effect right alongside of it. (And not to mention all the usual complaints with Mercury retrogrades that include delays in transportation, mechanical and technological breakdowns, shaky transactions, anxiety, and so on).

Well. In typical retrograde fashion, this means all the long gone and forgotten things of our lives come back to us to reconsider, make amends, forgive, let go, release...whatever is necessary to clear out the larder of our consciousness. So that we might grow. Evolve. And make peace.

"Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sun shine in.

"Aquarius", from the musical Hair

When I try and think of with whom I have unfinished business, I mentally run through my list of people who have majorly (and many times less so), affected and passed by and through my life. In the minor sense, there are many. Of late, they have been creeping into my consciousness. In some cases to say, "Hey, there, remember me?" waving at me as they cross the sea of my memory. In those cases, our lives took divergent paths for this or that reason, and we faded out of each other's existence. In other cases, specters re-emerge from my bygone past, and as their images pop into my mind, quite unexpectedly, I wonder after there welfare. "I pray they are well," is my first thought, as their apparitions fade away slowly.

In still others, there is that uneasy wrestling with things that, to my recollection, did not end pleasantly. There are very few of those, yet, those are the most problematic for me. I like to sail forward in my life feeling like there is no unrest, no strong gales of incivility, no waves of discontent left in my wake as I motor forth on the sea to my destination. And there are yet, still others, with whom things hold an uncomfortable stasis, vessel of my consciousness moving ever so slightly in place, the final outcome yet to be decided.

Already these wistful feelings have hit me. And, we are only in the shadow of this upcoming retrograde, and so, in the last few days, many, many images have begun to come before me, seeking audience, and causing a variety of all the aforementioned reactions. And we have not actually entered the retrograde period (which will last 3 weeks).

"The only thing in retrograde is your sense of personal accountability. Make positive behavioral changes and watch your life exponentially improve... regardless of where the moon or the planets are."
― Steve Maraboli

The upcoming change in this energy, personally portends a great period of transformation. I know, intuitively, I will be strongly challenged. These energies will prod me. I know also that I will get through (I am determined). The moment of this time for me is potent, and when I am on the other side of this time and my night, I will have sailed into my own Holy Land of milk and honey. Yes. But. Before I arrive, I must expose the hidden, hated, heavy burdens, feelings, memories, resentment, anger, guilt and feelings of injustice...whatever has held me back from my spiritual and earthly inheritance, and that I have toted along the journey of my life like so much excess baggage in my psyche.

So, for those like me who are interested in their own personal growth and expansion through observing and understanding how all things work together, who know that especially in 3-D so-called reality, everything counts. Remember: we are, all of us, connected to the All of everything earthly, galactic, dimensional, and otherwise. So, think of any potential challenges of this upcoming period as opportunities for greater self-awareness and understanding, as potential for finding balance and harmony within oneself, rather than something pushing you around and dictating your fate. Astrology doesn't even work that way. But like I said, I'm no astrologer. (Check below for astrologers I respect).

I just know that I cannot but be impacted by everything that is. My responsibility is to make the connections, understand the data, and make conscious choices that add to (not only my life), but the greater life of the greater life that all this is. My responsibility is to grow, evolve, and be the biggest, baddest, and best version of myself that I can be.

And so is yours. And we're gonna have a little help from Big Bad Mercury, whether we want it or not, or believe it so.

I hope you make good use of this time for your own personal growth, development, and awareness.

May your consciousness keep on keeping on, and rising. Rising. High.



Astrologers I like and recommend:

Quan Tracy Cherry - Belief is Not Required Dr. Bairavee Balasubramanium, The Sky Priestess


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