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Resisting The Stillness !

Posted on the 17 April 2014 by Ankuranand
To the someone whom you will find worthy for you,

Love her endlessly and passionately because you couldn’t see the fragility of her heart to the softness of her skin that could bruise almost too easily. She is the kind of soul you will never meet twice, even if you spend hours contemplating the words to describe her, but no possible combination of twenty six different letters could ever possibly capture even the essence of what she feels like.Never throw the careless painful words in a heated moment, because she is a girl who gets hurt easily, but she will always keep her temper and will never call you horrible names that she can’t take back. So only pick the fight that is worth fighting for. Because losing her is not worth anything that can be found in 7,000,000,000 people.Let her open up to you, because past the collected exterior lies a wild, untamed child that will make your heart smile that words cannot explain. Sometime she will fall for herself and wouldn’t tell you what she is feeling; but you can see everything she is feeling, everything she is thinking, and everything that isn’t right with her just by sitting there with her in silence. Just have a look at her when she is lost in her world; I don’t have the privilege to be the part of the world she often slips into, but you have, her eyes go henna when she is thinking about something just don’t feel right to her, the shining ochre go fade when she is upset, she won’t cry hysterically. Just feel them. She blushes easily too, I’m sure you would notice that so never hurt her with any of your intensions instead make her smile more often.Let her be the best she can, because she will help you do the same. She will encourage you to become everything you want to become, and will never let disappointment find you. And when she places her hand into your and tells you that you are the one she loves constellations will come alive.Love her because she wants you to. Love her, because she doesn’t need to hear it from me. Love her, because I’m not in love with her, I’m in love with the idea of her. Love her, because frankly that the worst way to love someone.

Yours Truly,

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