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Posted on the 17 September 2011 by Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

ResponsibilityI FINALLY got a new job!!! Thank G-d! And the best part is, I absolutely LOVE it.

Look, I am a husband and a father today, have a mortgage payment each month, bills, etc, just like everyone else. It is my responsibility to work!

My wife works a full-time job during the day, and then creates the websites that her clients have commissioned, at night.

I was unemployed for over a year, and, although I spent three to five hours a day sending out CVs, I could not even get a response, let alone an interview.

I believe in a higher power, therefore, hope was not an issue even if frustration was. I knew, that when the right time came, and the right place became available, that I would indeed find a job. And, thank G-d, after nearly 16 months of unemployment, I did!

In fact I found the perfect job, with an amazing manager who appreciates my abilities, and is willing to allow me to use them.

This post however, is not really about my job. This post is about responsibility.

For the nearly year and a half that I was unemployed, I took it upon myself to make it my responsibility to find a job. Sending out those resumes, every weekday, without fail, was essentially a job in itself, and, although it was unpaid, in the end it did pay off.

I have many responsibilities at work now, and I am delighted to have them. But responsibility goes far beyond our jobs and the work that we do. Everybody has responsibilities.

I am married, and have a son; I have massive responsibilities where they are concerned. I have bills to pay; a mortgage payment, electricity, water, and gas not to mention of course the day-to-day expenses of life!

Everyone in the household has responsibilities. My wife, in addition to her jobs, also takes on the responsibility of preparing our meals, helping me to clean up the house etc. Even our son, who is two has responsibilities (which of course we place upon him so that he learns their importance); such as cleaning up his toys after playtime.

Believe me, for many, many years while I was growing up I had no responsibilities, or at least none that were enforced. Certainly I don’t blame my parents, as they raised me the best way they knew how, but because I was not taught the importance of responsibility when young, I wound up experiencing many problems as an adult.

Truly it has only been since my marriage that I have learned the full importance and necessity of having responsibilities, and seeing them through to completion. My wife is my rock. She has taught me to live my life within the lines of acceptability, and to not only take on responsibilities but just how important they are as well. Without responsibilities we have no compass. We have no guidelines in our life to gauge our actions and behaviors by.

For one to live their life within the lines, they must first have lines to live within. She has helped me greatly to define those lines. For this, I am eternally grateful.

One must know where it is that they want to go before they can figure out how to get there.

Being responsible leads us in the direction of being able to figure out exactly where it is we want to go.

It is a vital key towards forging a happy future for ourselves!


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