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Reverse Speech and My Story

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet
I stumbled upon reverse speech last night due to an interview with Peggy Kane. Apparently when we talk, we subconsciously speak messages to ourselves that can be heard when playing things backwards. I've read a few things by other people that confirms that they, at least, believe it. Apparently the information coming out backwards is consistent from person to person. No one contradicts the other. This was a bit of a scandal in the 80's I recall with demonic messages in albums and other bs.
Thing is, Peggy Kane had a bit of a scandal because of it. The reverse speech messages began to indicate that the reptilians were going to jump ship, as it were, and leave the place blazing in their wake. It didn't happen and she was discredited. But I think about it, and how she found out her spirit guides and other things were lying to her by using this medium and I wonder... what if they figured out she was doing this and used reverse speech to lie to her? It can happen.
 Either way I thought I'd give it a go on my own. Without knowing the science whatsoever. LOL.
 I have Audacity, which is a free software for recording so I can play with making music from time to time. I loaded it up and recorded myself just talking at random. The message inside was "Lousiana's". I happen to be in Louisiana right now.
So I recorded myself reading the story from the previous post. I didn't stick completely with the script because, by talking, I was able to add some details and wotnot. Then I reversed the audio and slowed it down some.
What I got was:
 "really..." during the part that reads: "So I went to Heaven after I had been nearly created. And I served The Lord. Who was at the bad end of a coup. And watched as everyone was put to death, one by one, until I feared for my life enough to run. Because of everyone there, I had managed to retain individual thought. Which, I might add, my first handler prized in me. I'm not sure why."
 "Hell no" during the part that reads: "Why *would* anyone believe a Butterfly who remembers these things, when we've been told to see things not as they really are?"
Kinda weird. There were other parts that almost sounded like words but I wasn't sure. And I'm not sure what it means, if I really believe this story or I was being skeptical at myself with... oh really now... or what. So the story remains a suspect tale in my head, possibly fiction, and I will continue with part two next week. If I remember to I'll also reverse speech it, see what it says.If you relate, then we can chat.

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