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Reversing the Other Two Parts of My Story...

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet
I didn't get anything out of my speech reversals concerning the other two parts of my story with the village. It's interesting to note, however, that in a forum I'm in Peggy Kane herself redid some of my reversals for me and found things I didn't. They were things that made sense on how I feel, though, and didn't really bear reminding. Reverse: tied the final, live (or possibly leave). Reverse: so go up and he yells, small (this is where I'm describing the plane) Reverse: hell put this type (we (Peggy) interpret this to mean that this is a symbol of threat and fear.) Reverse: so I long with the lessons, help. (All of us on this forum are working to understand the lessons of this reality) The reversals are "your fear, live, earned it". Everyone who has been involved in this reality has had fear. You've lived and thus earned that fear. "Consider it" So you are asking yourself to consider that fear. Interesting stuff, and I thank Peggy for what she did unasked. Something to play with more in the future. If you relate, then we can chat.

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