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Review: Fancy Dress Ball Costume

Posted on the 26 October 2012 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27
Review: Fancy Dress Ball costume Halloween party time again - and this time Boy Two was looking for some inspiration. 
Review: Fancy Dress Ball costume Review: Fancy Dress Ball costume Review: Fancy Dress Ball costumeHe found it on the Fancy Dress Ball site - and we were invited to choose a costume for him to review. It would have cost £25.

After much pondering he decided to go with the zombie pirate on the basis that it's not as black as the other Halloween costumes. He doesn't like black - opting instead for jolly hues - so Halloween is a challenge for him. 

I thought the zombie pirate looked great - with an all encompassing hat/wig combo complete with very bright green face. It also had a shirt and raggedy trousers and gruesome hand gloves. 

Unfortunately the gloves didn't fit his hands - I'm not sure if the wrong size had been put in the pack or not. 

However, what we were inspired by for future parties was the sheer range of costumes on offer. The next time we're going to steer away from the typical costumes for the event and browse the rest of the selection. 

For example we could have gone for an Indian brave, Sherlock Holmes and a weird leprechauny Victorian costume, all of which would have been cracking. 

But it didn't stop there maybe the Panther and I could get costumed up - what do you think?

Review: Fancy Dress Ball costumeReview: Fancy Dress Ball costume

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