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{Review} Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Meltingmoments

I have been embracing my inner hippie since we’ve been camping and have cultivated a small forest under my arms. Embarrassing.

I’ve never tried waxing or hair removal creams before, mainly because my skin is so sensitive and reactive. I was interested to learn more about Marzena’s hair removal creams and lotions for sensitive skin. I was lucky to be sent some cream to sample and today seemed like the perfect day to get hair free.

Yesterday, I did a test. I put a little bit of the lotion under one arm and left it for 24 hours to see if I reacted. Fortunately, it was all clear.

I applied the lotion generously under my arms and waited for 4-5 minutes. It was as simple as wiping the lotion off gently to reveal silky smooth pits! No more cave woman underarms for me. I’m now ready for wearing short sleeved tops in time for the warmer weather. I’m looking forward to using this product more regularly as the more you use it, the finer your hair is when it grows back.

I am so impressed about not having an allergic reaction to this that I would recommend it to allergy sufferers.

Now to some photos.. It’s a bit tricky to make armpits look nice.





Marzena have a wide selection of hair removal products for your Summer beautifying needs.

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