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Review: Nuna Leaf

Posted on the 07 May 2015 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
Review: Nuna Leaf
One product I knew I just had to have when I first learned that I was having another baby was, without doubt, the Nuna Leaf!
I remember first seeing photos of it on a friends instagram feed when Tyne was around a year old, and feeling a bit gutted that I hadn't known about it sooner.
Tyne had a few different kinds of baby chairs and swings and although they all did their job perfectly well, they could only be used until he was around 6 months old and the designs were all either too bright and bold or very baby-inspired - and while I do understand the appeal of those things I personally loved the idea of having a product that was functional and comfortable for baby but also stylish and something that would blend in with my decor rather than stick out like a sore thumb!
When I saw the Nuna Leaf...I was instantly sold on it.
Our Nuna Leaf arrived a couple of weeks before Noah was born and so of course his brother had to be first one to test it out! Usually I'd have the job of stopping my toddler from trying to use a baby chair but the Nuna is designed to hold children up to 60kg so I didn't need to worry - Tyne loved sitting in it and found it really comfortable.
Once Noah arrived we tried him in the Nuna Leaf at around a week old, and he seemed to take to it straight away! 
Review: Nuna Leaf
The Leaf is designed to emulate the gentle float of a leaf on the breeze - it gives a very smooth ride which looks mesmerizing for little ones as they're rocked so gently from side to side.
What I love about the Leaf is that it's not power operated so there are no wires or batteries to worry about and no annoying mechanical noise either! You simply give the Leaf a gentle push and it rocks baby from side to side for around 2 minutes.
I also love that the safety harness is so easy to use - no annoying fiddly clip-in holds which are impossible to undo - its all velcro and it couldn't be easier!
The Nuna Leaf is available in a range of colours to match any living room beautifully, & the quality is stunning.
I honestly can't recommend the Leaf highly enough and it's made me intrigued to find out more about the many other baby products that Nuna manufacture.
To find out more about the Leaf please visit here.
Available from John Lewis and other major retailers - RRP £170.
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