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Round Up: 100 Ways For Singles To Have The Very Best Valentine's Day

Posted on the 08 February 2016 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
Round Up: 100 Ways For Singles To Have The Very Best Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is coming up.  As you long time readers know I am single.  I have been single for way more Valentine's Days than I have been in a relationship.  Actually I think I have only had a Valentine about 2 or 3 times.  So, I know that Valentine's day can sometimes suck if you are a single person.  But that does not have to be the case.  I'll admit that I would rather have a special Mr. Joy Chaser in my life to be all lovey dovey with this weekend but that simply is not the case.  However this will not be a sucky weekend for me and it does not have to be a sucky one for you. To help my brothers and sisters in singledome I have done a round up of 100 ways you can not only survive but have have your very best Valentine's day

1.  Maybe you feel like you just need to survive the day.  Here's how  -  How To Survive Valentines Day When You're Not in a Relationship

2. - 8.  Not all singles are bitter about being alone on Valentine's Day.  Here are 7 positive ideas on how to spend Valentine's Day. - 7 Ways For All The Single Ladies To OWN Valentine's Day This Year.  

9.  If you have a fun and sarcastic wit consider giving friends anti-Valentine's Day gifts  - 25 Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Single Girlfriends

10. - 39. I'll be doing number 4 from this list.  I'll be headed out of town to do some blogging business on the road. - 30 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles

40.  Instead of Valentine's Day, Celebrate Singles' Awareness Day instead - Great Ideas For Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.) On February 14

41. - 47.  Here are 7 ideas from the most popular girls guide, Cosmo. - The Single Girl's Valentine's Day

48.  - 51. Single’s Awareness Day might spell out SAD, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Here are 4 ways to get through the day.  - The Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

52. How about working on a really simple Valentine's Day Craft. Make our own free Love Joy Book Marks designed by moi, with free printable - Valentine's Day Gift, Free Love Joy Printable Bookmarks

53. - 59. Not all singles are women. Here are 7 Valentine's Day ideas from the guys perspective. - How To Spend Valentine's Day Alone. From Ask Men

60 - Watch movies that celebrate your singleness. Take your pick from these 32 films - 32 Movies To Make You Feel Great About Being Single On Valentine's Day

61. - 69. Here are 9 fun ideas for Valentine's Day, including learning the Single Ladies Dance.  - How To Spend Valentine’s Day Single This Year (& Love It!)

70.  Make a decadent single serving dessert just for you - 90+ Small Batch Desserts

71. - 80. Here are 10 Valentine's Day ideas for singles that include parents, pets, and strangers who could become future pals. - 10 Ideas for Singles to Have the Happiest Valentines Day Ever

81. - 87.  Here are 7 more ideas on how to make Valentine's Day awesome including making a list of why it is awesome to be single. -  Even More Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Single Girl

88. Make some Valentine's Day cupcakes to share with friends and family 10 Easy Ideas for Valentine's Day Cupcakes

89. Or if you enjoy your dark side make a bloody heart cake and indulge while watching your favorite horror movies. Bloody Heart Valentine's Day Cake
90. - 98. These ideas includes baking, babysitting, and bookstores - 9 Ways Singles Can Have a Great Valentine's Day

99. How about a Valentine's Day Drinking Game for Singles The Valentine’s Day Drinking Game For Single People

100. Spend sometime reflecting on past bad dates and be happy you are single.  Here is one of mine - Dating a CAJT (Crazy Ass Joy Thief)
With all of these ideas I'm sure us single folk can have the very best Valentine's Day.  How will you be spending Valentine's Day? If you are not single now what did you do on Valentines Day when you were?  

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